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Your Life OS


Pensive provides a modern approach to managing time, to-do lists, habits, and projects.


Everything you need to plan your life.

Pensive is designed to help you manage what’s important to you.

No productivity tool can live without it, so we have it, too. But you can define how entries get in and out of it. Do you frequently move entries into a Project list and set the scheduled date to tomorrow? No problem, it can be just one button away.

Adapts to your way of handling things.

Everyone is different, which applies to planning time and handling information overall. Make it as lightweight or complex as you want.


Utilize statuses and schedules to plan your time.

You can use statuses to indicate the progress of an entry and schedules to set a date and time for when it should be done. You can even set a duration for how long it should take and make it recurring.


Unburden your mind by storing everything in one place.

From tasks and lists to quotes, recipes, and movies you want to watch, you can put your thoughts and ideas in a journal or a note. Everything is stored in one place and can be linked together.


Everything is as it should be. Get notified when something is off.

Want to know if a list has too many entries, is empty, or has a total duration of over 2 hours? Senses will monitor that for you and give subtle feedback if anything is not how it should be.

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